The T-BAR LED ™  by JLC-Tech saves nearly 50% in installation costs!

The revolutionary solid state lighting fixture is designed to actually replace the standard cross Tee in grid ceiling systems minimalizing building materials on construction sites. In addition, because the product runs as a class II installation on 24V DC power, only one remote driver is used for up to 12 linear feet of illuminated product.  This results in the use of fewer and lower costing electrical materials during installation. 

LED lighting installation could not be more simple!  The T-BAR LED can be installed with only a screw driver when using our Universal mounting clip or for a completely toolless installation, with our Armstrong compatible XLED clip. Complete integration of this LED light fixture with the suspended ceiling also means the tiles can be laid in integrally without any cutting or creating of special slots.  Low costing materials, Minimal labor time and No waste on job sites are just a few of the benefits to using our revolutionary lighting product.

JLC-Tech has used the technology of their patented products to create another line of lighting; LED Ceilencio for use with the Decoustics ceiling systems.  

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