Boston Lights 2016 Seminars

Second Tsunami of Lighting

A second lighting tsunami looms on the horizon as LED technology facilitates the expansion of lighting control systems and various market segments move into unfamiliar territory. This program will discuss the implications of LED/lighting controls synergy, changing customer’s needs, support of lighting control networks, elimination of complexity, and potential business opportunities arising from this change.

John (Jack) W. Curran, PhD has spent over 25 years in the area of product development. With 32 patents issued, Dr. Curran has been responsible for products ranging in scope from shear wave seismic sources to fire evacuation systems to LED signals and area lights. Currently he is President of LED Transformations, LLC, a New Jersey based technology consulting company specializing in providing guidance to companies entering the solid-state lighting field. He is a member of the SPIE; IESNA; the Optical Society of America and the Acoustic Society of America. He has given numerous talks to the lighting industry on the correct use of LED technology for general illumination applications both for his own company and on behalf of the US Department of Energy.

Second Tsunami Seminar