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The Designers Lighting Forum of New England is very pleased to present our Lighting Internship Program, now in its second year. The program is intended to provide students and emerging professionals who are interested in exploring a future career in the lighting industry the opportunity to work for a lighting-related company over a summer while simultaneously participating in a series of events with other lighting interns and lighting industry professionals. The goal is to expose students and emerging professionals to the various facets of the lighting industry, help them expand their network, and develop friendships with other emerging lighting professionals.

We learned a lot from our first year and from your valuable feedback. Changes to this year’s program include an increased emphasis on the design side of the industry, fewer events, and focusing events on Tuesday evenings to avoid end-of-the-week deadline conflicts. Also new this year, we will be working to create a portal on the DLF-NE website to allow interested host firms and intern candidates to register so that they can post internship openings.

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2018 Internship Program Events

2018 Internship Opportunities

For more information contact:

Paula Ziegenbein