“Lighting is a highly technical field, and designers have a lot of geeky stuff to keep up with. Which is why the DLFNE is such a delight — a resource for staying current while having fun. You’ll not find a broader spectrum of lighting industry peeps from all associated trades and with all levels of experience, nor a more seriously entertaining calendar of events. 

Full disclosure – I was on the board a while back and for a pretty long time;  at least 25 years — so I might or might not be a little biased …  But one doesn’t stay on a board that long without a deep love and appreciation for one’s fellow board members.  Their camaraderie and passion make the DLFNE what it is – which is a coming together of all things and all people lighting, for events that range from the social and/or even silly to a curated Expo that rivals or surpasses any of its analogues.  It’s a rich mix, and all-volunteer, all done for love — and I love its spirit. The New England lighting experience would not be the same without it.”

Adam S. Kibbe

Principal /
Collaborative Lighting, LLC