Only Yesterday

To me it seems like both “only yesterday” but also very long ago (or at least a lot of work ago) that we decided to put on BostonLights Expo for the first time in 2010 – I can remember simple, fun concept issues like working on the name and the graphics, plus big, confronting complex issues like negotiating with a hotel for the first time the myriad details of such an undertaking;  all of it electric with risk and possibility.

 We were inspired by LEDucation and its simple, approachable (not to mention, manageable) format.  Also, the fall timing and biennial nature was chosen to happen after Lightfair in its west coast years, and Light + Building, the also-biennial (and orders-of-magnitude more massive) lighting show that takes place in Frankfurt, Germany.  Knowing that only so many local lighting designers and engineers make it to the west coast for Lightfair each year, and even fewer to Germany, this seemed a good way to catch people up locally on all the new technologies that would be exhibited at those shows.  Plus we thus capitalize on the latest releases and deferentially also end up not competing with any of them.

 The show has grown from just under 70 exhibitors to well over a hundred, most of them dedicated repeats, and pretty much a who’s-who of the lighting industry -- we couldn’t be more proud of the show and the company we’re keeping.  There have been any number of learning experiences along the way, and we continue to evolve and improve, but we have chosen to distinguish ourselves by the qualities of the venues, the exhibitors and the amenities, as well as by seeking out the most exciting speakers we can find, both locally and internationally.  That the incomparable Keith Bradshaw of Speirs + Major has twice graced us with his stunning acumen and irrepressible wit leaves me with a glow I hope I never lose!

I also hope I never lose that glow of pride and excitement stepping out onto the bustling show floor and seeing so many faces both new and familiar -- all the top-tier manufacturers who have chosen to be present, all the local talent that has come to avail themselves of all that is being offered.  The DLF is dedicated to education, but conveyed by fun means, and this show is arguably the pinnacle and fullest embodiment of our goals – more information than can realistically be absorbed in a day-long event that really is an “event” in its showbiz sense.

 We hope people choose to spend as much of their day at the show as they can.  Seminars are staggered to share time with the show floor, but taking even just one or two seminars leaves – let’s be honest --insufficient time to take it all in in any depth.  The tabletop format ensures that manufactures bring only their newest and best, so one gets a manageable and high-quality introduction but doesn’t get lost in full-catalog overload.  But – and again, let’s be honest – networking is as important as luminaire details.  You’ll spend time over the sips and nibbles we provide hobnobbing with a really great spectrum of people, and making that face-to-face contact will be really helpful when you need their support on some project-related matter down the road.

 There’s a lot to learn, new fixtures to discover, and many people to meet – and it all adds up to a day that may well rank amongst the most fun days of the year;  it certainly is for us!  See you there!

Adam Kibbe




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