Made in the USA - Edison Price

Edison Price Lighting's new trimless square Prim is clean, sleek, and smooth in both design and performance. The Prim is available as a downlight, accent light, narrow spot accent light, and wallwasher.

The Prim is the only specification-grade trimless square fixture made with an anodized aluminum reflector. Unlike painted regress trims used by most other manufacturers, the Prim's anodized reflector achieves: 1) better light control, 2) darker low-brightness apertures, and 3) consistent reflectivity and color — for decades.

The Prim is powered by Xicato's XTM module (delivering color consistency within a 1x2 McAdam ellipse) and is compatible with DALI and DMX control systems, among other popular diming systems. Most Prim configurations are only 5.5” deep.

Like all Edison Price Lighting fixtures, the Prim is proudly ‘Made in USA.’ The Prim can be complimented with the entire of Edison Price Lighting’s line of architectural lighting solutions, including track-mounted luminaires, surface-mounted luminaires, install-from-below remodelers, IC-ATC luminaires, wallgrazing systems, and track systems. 

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