American Made high performance products by BK Lighting / Teka Illumination

B-K Lighting and TEKA Illumination introduces patent-pending optical technology using a special “Batwing Optic” on Surface Mounted Alpine II™ and Large Beacon Pole™ with Chip On Board technology. Batwing Optics command control of light rays exiting the luminaire for an even illumination with superior spacing criteria. The streamlined modern surface mounted luminaire design delivers wide-angle distribution limiting undesired light in the glare zone above 65°, creating a balance between wide spacing and visual comfort.  This feature creates a more evenly illuminated area, or lit wall with a huge energy savings.

With improved BKSSL® technology, the Surface Mount Alpine II™ and Large Beacon Pole™ exceed itself with increased lumen output of 7725 source lumens. Featuring B-K Lighting’s modular in field maintenance approach with LED’s, Drivers and Accessories for quick adaptations and future in field upgrades.

Adding this patented technology to the TEKA Illumination Classic “Large Beacon Pole” Series allows increased performance with a wide-angle distribution. The pole height collaborates with the optic design to create a more evenly illuminated area achieving optimum higher levels at greater distances. Using this technology can reduce the amount of fixtures needed by almost a third. Conventional optic can’t do that!


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