Pathway Wireless Dimming Controls

Pathway Lighting is pleased to introduce a new state-of-the-art dimming control system for recessed downlights as well as various pendant/cable mounted fixtures.  PathWave is a wireless control system that can dim light fixtures as well as remotely turn power on/off. This modern style, thin profile single- or double-rocker switch can be wall or desk mounted and is used to control the dimming and power on/off. The rocker switch is also completely wireless and requires no AC or battery power whatsoever; it can be mounted virtually anywhere space is available.  Numerous fixtures can be controlled simultaneously by a single rocker switch, or fixtures can be grouped and controlled independently by several rocker switches.  Fixture groupings and rocker switches can be set up wirelessly on site with a laptop and an available wireless configuration system.  The groupings can be reprogrammed at any time in the future.  The controls can easily be integrated with an available occupancy sensor.   

Wires no longer have to be added in an installation to achieve the superior dimming performance of 0-10V dimmable luminaires.  Two versions of occupancy sensors are also available which harvest ambient solar energy to power the sensor and the wireless communications, and have supplementary battery power when required. As little as 15 lux of ambient light on the sensor is needed for operation. Once fully charged, the occupancy sensors will function for up to 48 hours in total darkness. Pathway Lighting’s software can be used to program operational parameters. 

For more information, download the brochure at or contact a sales representative at (800) 342.0592.


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