3" LED takes another leap forward

Highly acclaimed Aculux 3” LED takes another leap forward with the 3rd generation of precision recessed luminaires. They retain all the popular features of earlier versions, such as Acu-Aim™ precision (370° rotation, 45° vertical adjustment) geared aiming, the Tru-Line™ adjustable platform, and the extensive collection of round and square trims. But the new generation offers major advancements in optical design and LED technology, as well as enhanced control compatibility.

Now available with up to ten different beam spreads between 12° and 60°, Aculux Generation 3 luminaires continue to lead the industry in precision beam control. In another first, these luminaires are the only 3" recessed aperture capable of producing over 21,000 center beam candle power (CBCP) in a 12° spot. And, Aculux continues to employ optimized center-beam optics and a patented auto-adjusting optic holder for industry leading efficacy of 80 lpw.

Delivering over 2,000 lumens, the new 3" Generation 3 LED luminaires are the most powerful luminaire in its class. They produce light levels that exceed 39-watt CMH fixtures, but at just 27-watts input... and superior quality light to boot. Additional lumen packages of 800, 1,200, and 1,500 lumens round-out the line.

When space is constrained, new Aculux 3" Low Profile Adjustable luminaires are the perfect solution. At less than 4-inches tall, they produce up to 2000 delivered lumens while consuming only 10-27 watts. Additionally, the universal housing is compatible with Aculux 3” adjustable, downlight and wall wash trims. With IC or non-IC rated options, these too feature Aculux Tru-Line™ and Acu-Aim™ technologies.

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