Continuing in the tradition of the VF100 series is the new VF150 series from LF Illumination. This series moves the adjustment and aiming equipment from the trim insert into the housing. Both fixed and adjustable housings are available. The adjustable housing allows you to fully adjust and hot aim on both the vertical and the horizontal access without the use of any tools. This unique tool less mechanism allows anyone to adjust and aim with ease, eliminating the possibility of improper adjustment and damage with the use of incorrect tools. The VF150 series can accommodate any specific specifier aesthetic requirement. This series is offered in both flange and flangeless, with a broadened range of options, including lensed or lens less apertures and beveled or flat trim designs. The VF150 series also offers unprecedented LED options to meet all types of applications; including standard LED COB modules up to 28W 2200 lumens, warm dimming modules (LumaDIM™), tunable white/color tuning modules (LumaTUNE™), and the new Soraa optical light engines, allowing customers to implement the patented Soraa Snap system and unpresented optical performance in this new series from LF Illumination. This series also offers five different types of dimming standard to meet the dimming needs of a specific project.  Learn more about the VF150 series on the LF Illumination website.

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