Clean Design, Mindful Manufacturing, & Custom Capability

With the design goal of creating a simplistic light fixture without the use of conventional lighting components, Bruce Barnett, Design Director at AYRE Lighting Group, created the Naked Pendant. The dual functioning socket houses an energy efficient LED light source while also suspending its decorative glass diffuser. Taking inspiration from chemistry beakers, cruets and wine decanters, the form of the mouth blown glass diffuser allows the cork socket assembly to support its body. The canopy incorporates a "twist and lock" feature requiring a quarter-turn motion to lock it to the ceiling. A clean and simple approach to design has resulted in a creative use of light paired with a fixture free of any visible screws or decorative fasteners. In addition, the Multi-Pendant version is available in a variety of formats allowing for a clean, symmetrical or organic cascading presentation.

The glass diffuser as well as the natural cork/aluminum socket assembly are all made from materials with countless recycle loops. Cork is a great material to pair with light fixtures. Aside from its gentle touch, cork provides a natural heat sink. It has one of the best insulating values of any natural material, with very low conductivity of heat, sound, or vibrations. Cork has shown remarkably high tolerance to heat. It is also 100% renewable and biodegradable. Cork production is eco-friendly and sustainable.

The Naked pendant is available as a single pendant or in a variety of multi-pendant configurations. It comes standard with a natural cork or dyed cork socket assembly. Metal finishes include brushed nickel, matte black, or chrome. The single fixture measures 16”h x 7”w  with an overall length of 60”.

AYRE Lighting Group’s unique strength is their Custom Lighting division.  Combining manufacturing experience with a collaborative workflow, their design-based approach helps clients develop innovative custom energy efficient lighting solutions that address individual project needs.From inspiration images and napkin sketches, to developed fixture concepts,  AYRE would love to work with you to create fixtures for your next inspired space.

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