Moda Light at Boston Lights Expo 2016

Throughout Moda Light’s 10 years in the SSL industry we have been to numerous trade shows, but Boston Lights Expo is one of the few that we are looking forward to this year due to its great pull and wide range in opportunity to network. We are excited to showcase some of the most innovative technology we have created to the greater New England area. We view Boston Lights Expo as a great platform for us to share our vision and it’s resulting products where we can expect this event to gather some of the brightest minds in the industry to accelerate growth in the market.  

Products you can expect from us this year are our award winning fixture Moda Mini Cove alongside unreleased products that we can't yet discuss. We are excited to showcase these fixtures that hold never before seen features and specs that will be on display at the show. It is truly an exciting time and we look forward to meeting with everyone soon.


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