Kirlin attends Boston Lights Exposition 2016

The Kirlin Company is looking forward to attending the 4th Annual “Boston Lights” 2016 Exposition where we will demonstrate our exciting new and innovative products. We encourage you to stop by Kirlin’s table top to meet our company’s President and CEO, Jana Brownell and our National Sales Manager, Chad Eckhout.

Kirlin’s product highlights include:

  •          INFRALED® 60 Motorized Birthing Lighting System– the industry’s only “true” labor and delivery system. With a 60-degree angle of LED light, 95+ CRI and exceptionally high, precisely directed, LED light level. INFRALED® 60 provides deep cavity illumination from fully recessed position unlike any other LDR lamp on the market. Dual controls, wall and remote, provide convenient and instantaneous adjustment of direction and intensity.
  •          INFRALED® Motorized Exam Light- our high performance, multipurpose, exam light system is an excellent choice for NICUs, PICUs, cardiac cath labs, hybrid ORs and patient rooms. With a wall control and infrared remote control, practitioners have the ability to adjust the light to their preferred light level, and to the targeted task, quickly and easily. Color temperatures of 35K-50K available.
  •          OPTeLED Motorized Exam Light – ideal patient exam lighting system for emergency departments and patient rooms.  Wall control enables adjustability of directionality and intensity of 95+ CRI, high illumination light with color temperatures of 35K-50K.
  •          MRI Scenic Panels – these photographic ceiling panels allow a patient to daydream and slip away from the anxiety that comes with an MRI procedure. Our scenic panels create a feeling of tranquility as patients’ eyes are drawn up into the scene, far from the room below which helps calm and sooth anxious patients. Recessed panels with regressed images create a skylight effect enhancing architectural sophistication.
  •          Symphony - our new DMX controlled LED lighting system was designed with the end user in mind. Remote drivers may be conveniently located up to 350 wire feet away from multiple fixtures. Symphony saves the end user time, money and energy from installation or throughout the life of the facility.
  •          We will also be featuring Kirlin’s Xicato as well as a variety (500-7000 lumens) of LED products from KIRLIN LATITUDES LED Lighting line.

121 years of lighting has taught us the importance of adaptability and innovation, a trait that has proven to be incredibly valuable as the industry shifts to LED. We are excited about what the future of lighting holds for Kirlin and our industry.

We look forward to seeing you at the 4th Annual Boston Lights Exposition, we hope you’ll stop by our table, say hello and check out the latest and greatest from Kirlin!


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