Why Attend Boston Lights Exposition

Someone once asked a group of my peers why they should attend Boston Lights exposition. One of the answers we received was “because I gave a chunk of my life to it!” I found this funny, but day after day my co - chairs and I find more and more things to finish up, and I think of how true this answer was. For the past 3 shows, I have truly enjoyed working as a co –chair along with Sara Grossman, Mariam Andrews and Adam Kibbe.

This year I look forward to the seminars. I always find that by listening to speakers I get recharged and inspired. I love to network with my peers and see new products from manufactures for the first time. Sometimes the preparation is exhausting but well worth seeing it all come together.  

With all the exhibitors and new products there is a lot to see and do. I would think our new Espresso bar on the day of should keep us charged throughout the day. Don’t forget to visit our photo booth and have your picture taken. If we don’t meet in person then I can recognize you the next time we meet.    

Susan J Arnold CLC

Boston Light Co chair


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