Why Should I Attend Boston Lights Expo 2016: A Message From Our Former President

Boston Lights Exposition 2016 

I am very pleased and proud of the fact that DLF-NE will be hosting their fourth Boston Lights Exposition in 2016 and wanted to share some background on why and how New England’s largest lighting show came to be. 

Back in 2009/2010 when I was serving as President of the DLF-NE, there was a strong consensus among our Board that more needed to be done to serve our community. We felt there was a real need in the Boston’s design community to host more educational events and to provide opportunities for networking and sharing ideas. It was this vision and a commitment made by The Board of the DLF-NE that made the inaugural Boston Lights Exposition in October 2010 possible. 

Prior to the Boston Lights Exposition in October 2010, if a designer wanted to attend any large-scale event dedicated to lighting they had to travel outside of the region. We wanted the DLF-NE to fill that void and offer the design community a large-scale program that would bring together lighting manufacturers, architects, interior designers, builders, contractors and other related professionals. In the years leading up to the first expo we had hosted several programs for students who were interested in the lighting and design industries. We decided to leverage our relationships with Boston’s student population and combine that outreach with the professional design community to create our first expo. 

 Before the first show even opened we knew that we were on to something big. By the time Boston Lights Exposition opened at the Westin Waterfront on October 27, 2010 we had commitments from almost 100 exhibitors and more than 5 hours of presentations from both national and local lighting design companies. The first Boston Lights Exposition proved to be so successful that it helped raise awareness of the DLF-NE in our community, which helped our organization host more events throughout the year dedicated to our core mission of education and networking. 

I am very proud of the work we did; conceiving and hosting the DLF-NE first Boston Lights Exposition. The first expo’s success paved the way for future Boston Lights Expositions and continues to provide our community with a unique opportunity to come together every other year. I hope to see you at Boston Lights Exposition 2016 at the Westin Waterfront 425 Summer St Boston, October 26, 2016.

Sergio Mazon 

Principal, Mazon Lighting Design 

DLF-NE President 2009 - 2011 

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