How to Restore Your User Login

I’m your new webmaster, Eric Conover. It has certainly been a challenge bringing all of the old over here to its new home. As projects go, I’ve done quite a few, but on this one I continue to wildly underestimate the sheer amount of work that it takes to make it all happen.


(“TL;DR” means “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” It references the condensed version!)

Find the quick version here in the Knowledgebase.


You have history—and lots of it—in the past & over on that old site. There’s years of stuff to bring over, improvements to be made. You get the idea.

Well, here’s how to restore your login. I couldn’t your passwords over because the protocol says nobody but you can know what they were.

You will soon receive an email (or perhaps you already have) that explains this simple process of resetting your password. It is copied here for your convenience.

What about my Username? It’s your email address.

Under the hood, you do have an abstract username. (It is the first initial of your first name stuck on to your last name, no spaces, all in lower case.) But we want everyone to use their email address as your username. The one we sent the instructions to. (You can change it later if you must.)

If you look up in the upper right corner of the navigation area, you will see a LOG IN entry. Click that to log in.

Log In button

If it says LOG OUT, then you (or perhaps someone else) is already logged in.

Can you guess how to log out? THAT’S RIGHT, click that same button, LOG OUT. We’re trying to keep it simple around here.

You need a Password next, and nobody knows what it is!

The machine made one up for you and then encrypted it. We mere humans cannot look it up.

Here is where you click the “Forgot Password link at the bottom of the Log In page, and let the magic guide you through.

Log in screen

A window will pop up, titled “Request a Password Reset,” where you put in your email address again. Be accurate! Check twice, click once.

Request a password reset

Solve the little math problem (again, be accurate) and click the little “Request a Password Reset” button at the bottom ONCE, and wait. You’ll get a “Successfully requested password reset” message that tells you to “Please click on the confirmation link that was just sent to your email address.”

Successfully Requested Password Reset

Go check your email and click the confirmation link.

If you were careful and used the email you were using on the old site, you now have (or will have soon) a password reset email in your inbox.

Gmail tells me that it may be unsafe, but it isn’t because I just made that message happen, so I know. In my case, I tell Gmail that it “Looks safe” and proceed to click that link.

You end up on a page where you can put a good, safe password of your own choosing.

Enter your new password

Watch the password strength meter as you create your password. Make it “strong.”

You’ve done it! You changed your password. Make a note of it, or you’ll soon be clicking “Forgot password” again. You’re welcome!