Nova Flex LED seeks Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Nova Flex LED seeks Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Nova Flex is a rapidly growing, value-added distributor of specialty LED lights. The people at Nova Flex embody the following core values:

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Step up for the greater good
  • Easy to work with
  • Get shit done
  • Do what it takes, and
  • Embrace change.

In addition to living these values every day, employees have a shared passion to create “wow” experiences by delivering the unexpected in all of their interactions, whether internal or external. Nova Flex is an EOS-powered company that believes in instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the organization so that everyone can execute at a high level.

Nova Flex is looking for energetic outside sales candidates with a proven track record of success in driving sales revenue and generating business primarily through a channel. This role will involve vetting, hiring, onboarding, educating, and driving sales revenue and profitability through agents (manufacturer representatives) that work with distributors and other lighting decision makers, along with some direct work with key distributors.

The NE Regional Sales Manager (RSM) will control his or her success by driving revenue through proactively building and growing strategic relationships with existing and new agents and key distributors of the Northeast region which consists of: Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Connecticut, Maryland Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Rode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine


The Regional Sales Manager (RSM)is directly responsible for driving sales through agents, core and high potential distributors, and in some cases, national accounts. The RSM will work closely and collaboratively with a number of colleagues, including:

  • General Manager: The RSM interacts with the general manager through quarterly reviews, planning sessions, and major Rocks.
  • Sales Director: The RSM interacts with the sales director throughteamL10andone-on-one meetings, periodic check-ins, joint customer meetings, and trainings. Cooperative activities include reviewing sales plans designed to grow revenue through agents and distributors, assessing current agents, and discussing and closing opportunities in the pipeline through the documented sales process, and reviewing activities and performance.
  • Flex Support Manager: The RSM interacts with the flex support manager (FSM) related to the FSM’s team, including and items related to account managers, order entry, quotes, and customer service.
  • Account Manager: The RSM will work closely with the account manager (AM) assigned to their territory to ensure customers are provided the highest level of service, including timely responses to questions and concerns, quote management, and proactive follow up on orders and projects. The RSM will also follow up on all sales qualified leads and referrals produced by the AM.
  • Order Entry Team: The RSM will work closely with the order entry team to ensure client orders are entered accurately and on a timely basis.
  • Quotes Team: The RSM will work closely with the quotations team to provide prompt solutions that meet the clients’ needs.
  • Customer Service/RGA Team: The customer service team (CST) will work with the RSM on the tactical side of the business (where to find things, answering questions on products and services, etc.). CST works directly with customers and the sales team to solve customer issues, manage customer requests, and assist in processing sales orders.
  • Purchasing: Cooperatively work with the purchasing and supply chain group to deliver larger opportunities on time and ensure cash flow and profitability are considered.


The Regional Sales Manager’s goal is to drive revenue through our agent channel and select large lighting project focused distributors (usually through the agent) in their territory.  The RSM will build a network within each agent firm to activate sales with their distributor relationships and internally generated cross specification and project opportunities. In areas of the territory with no agent, the RSM will work with distributors.

The RSM will be primarily charged with supporting Nova Flex in each of the following areas of responsibility:

  • Building agent and distributor relationships–Selecting, onboarding, and developing agents in the assigned territory; working directly with distributors not covered by agents
  • Sales Planning-Developing and executing a sales plan for growth through agent and distributor relationships
  • Sales Process-Following a defined sales process to drive revenue. The process lays out activities, resources, and measurements related to prospecting, vetting and developing relationships, quoting, and closing opportunities
  • Data Capture, Forecasting and Pipeline-Capturing and inputting data from customers and prospects in the CRM and proactively and successfully managing the opportunity pipeline to drive sales

In addition to driving revenue through agents and distributors, select RSMs will also be responsible for driving revenue through select national accounts.  These RSMs will build a network within each distributor to activate sales on a national project level.

For each of the above core areas of responsibility, the specific duties, activities, and measurements have been defined below:


The RSM will be responsible for developing our agent and high potential and core distributor relationships to drive revenue and profitability by doing the following:

  • Using a defined set of criteria to vet and select key agents and distributors that meet our ideal client profile and/or Right Person Right Seat (RPRS) criteria
  • Onboarding new agents to get them to expected productivity within the RPRS guidelines
  • Overseeing 8-16 agents and 30-40 key distributors in the assigned territory.
  • Educating agents and distributors on Nova Flex’s sales process, differentiators, and products
  • Regular visits and calls to ensure the territory is effectively activated to identify and produce sales opportunities through agent sales meetings and customer sales calls
  • Providing agents and distributors with marketing and sales tools to sell to their end users
  • Growing revenue with each agent through sales planning, scorecard management and review, and proper goal setting
  • Managing pipeline with agents
  • Negotiating and closing deals
  • Working in concert with the Nova Flex team to ensure the highest levels of service delivery that exceed expectations
  • Select RSMs will also:
    • Capture new national account opportunities with existing or new distributors
    • Perform regular visits and calls to identify, produce, and shepherd sales opportunities on large-scale, long-term projects on a national level
    • Research and deliver new national account distributors or additional offices of existing distributors


  • Developing and managing a sales plan for activities, accounts and contacts to target, and milestones leading to the generation of sales and goal attainment
  • Working directly with the Sales Director to align plans and activities with results
  • Identify and pursue distributors to drive incremental revenue
  • Communicating the risks, assumptions, and dependencies associated with the sales plan
  • Managing and progressing a qualified pipeline of opportunities
  • Executing the sales plan and communicating progress against the plan -this includes being fully prepared for and engaged in 1:1 and L10 meetings and real-time communications

−Understanding what’s working and what’s not and making necessary adjustments in the sales approach or activity levels to achieve revenue and profitability goals

−Proactively communicating unexpected increases or decreases from new or lost opportunities

The RSM’s primary responsibility is utilizing a tactfully aggressive approach to drive revenue from key agents and distributors.  They will do this by following the defined sales process to further penetrate existing accounts and contacts to drive revenue and customer satisfaction.


  • Effectively qualify and prioritize opportunities to pursue
  • Utilize multiple communication avenues (phone, in person meetings, video conference, etc.) to build relationships with agents and distributors
  • Effectively research companies and contacts to spark valuable conversations
  • Ask for referrals
  • Generate interest with key stakeholders to procure discovery conversations and meetings at multiple levels
  • Gather institutional knowledge on every interaction (what they use, who they use, likes/dislikes, stakeholders, etc.) and enter the information into the CRM for use in prioritizing call-backs and generating future opportunities

Vetting and Developing Relationships

  • Ask effective questions to uncover the client’s current situation, desired situation, business drivers, needs and decision-making processes to fully understand what the client needs and recommend the best solution
  • Differentiate Nova Flex from competitors by identifying key areas that are important to the prospect or customer
  • Perform agent reviews
  • Manage quarterly incentive programs for agents
  • Perform distributor and agent visits, webinars, and calls


  • Effectively present Nova Flex services and solutions to customers to Demonstrate understanding of how the solution fit customer’s needs to influence decisions and gain commitment Connect Nova Flex proposed solutions to the benefits and impact to the customer to Present price, credit, and terms in accordance with standard procedures
  • Understand Nova Flex’s value proposition and competitive advantages to effectively differentiate and sell Nova Flex’s value in a competitive market
  • Effectively overcome objections
  • Handle repeat orders with current customers


  • Researching and documenting significant customer and prospect information in the CRM. This includes future calls, tasks, events, notes from conversations, company size, competitors used, etc.
  • Providing management with timely and accurate reports of forecasts and pipeline
  • Maintaining proficiency in using MS Office
  • Following company policies and procedures
  • Performing other duties as assigned


The company has placed significant importance on outlining the expectations for the hired RSM. In addition to the information outlined in the job profile, the following measurements could be utilized as performance indicators. Specific goals and relevant importance will be determined in each category once the RSM has joined the team.


  • Number of meetings
  • Number of agent reviews
  • Revenue
  • Margin
  • Pipeline management:
    • Sufficient and accurate pipeline to attain sales targets
    • number of opportunities in each phase of the pipeline
    • Conversion rate
    • Sales cycle
  • Number of days opportunities have been in each phase of pipeline
  • Customer satisfaction (surveys)


  • Sales plan completed and regularly updated
  • Timely sales reports
  • 1:1 and L10 meeting participation

SALES PROCESS (items in bold indicate the most important measurements for this role)

  • Education of key customers
  • number of opportunities
  • Total dollar amount of opportunities
  • number of quality calls, emails and other touch points
  • number of quality visits including sales calls
  • ROI of agent visits/sales calls
  • Progression of opportunities through the sales process
  • Individual performance
    • Net Sales vs. plan
    • Outstanding quotes
    • Percent of quotes converted (conversion rate)
  • Accounts, contacts and opportunities properly documented in CRM
  • Tasks, events and meetings properly logged in CRM
  • Open opportunities follow up on a timely basis


  • Market competitive salary + commission with upside based on results
  • Benefits include medical reimbursement, PTO, holiday time off, and 401(k)with up to 4% company match


  • Prefer at least 5+ years channel / outside territory sales experience
  • For RSMs managing national accounts, prefer at least 7+years sales experience working on national accounts with large projects and knowledge of national account end user project dynamics and key stakeholders
  • Experience selling technical products through distributors and manufacturer representatives
  • Proven ability to drive sales through manufacturer representatives
  • Demonstrated success meeting sales goals and growing sales
  • Experience driving interest and obtaining leads from trade shows
  • Track record of selling value and service, not price
  • Excellent networking ability
  • Ability to travel 50% or more as dictated by agent needs and potential opportunities
  • PC proficiency (Microsoft Office Suite) required
  • com experience preferred, CRM required


The physical demands and environment described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions

  • Must be able to lift and travel with product samples weighing 30 lbs. or more
  • General office environment in which this position includes periods of telephone and computer work that may require sitting for periods of time
  • This position requires a moderate level of driving and airplane travel to customer meetings

Interested candidates can contact us at and our website is